2012-2013 College Statistics Click for detailed listings: Average SAT Score (25th Percentile): 1777 | Average Acceptance Rate: 28% | Average Enrollment Rate: 39%
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NYU Admission Statistics 2012-2013

NYU Admission Statistics 2012-2013

Number of applicants to NYU 42807
NYU acceptance rate 35%
Percent admitted who enrolled 34%
Test Scores (25th/75th Percentile)
NYU SAT Scores
Critical Reading 620  710
Math 630  740
Writing 640  730
NYU ACT Scores
Composite 28  31
About these admission stats.

NYU Admission Requirements

Freshman applicants to NYU are required to submit SAT or ACT scores, including three SAT Subject Test scores (unless the applicant is submitting AP examination scores).

NYU advises that there is not a single program of study that applicants should have pursued in order to be successful. However, applicants should normally take English for four years and be strong in their written abilities. In addition to English, applicants should have at least three years of history or social studies, math, and science. They should have at least two years of study of a foreign language.

Many applicants to NYU will have impressive academic and extracurricular achievements, and will have taken the initiative to go beyond the minimum academic requirements to find ways of challenging themselves intellectually.

History of NYU

NYU is tucked away in what is probably one of the coolest neighborhoods in America, if not the world.

NYU held its first classes in 1832, having been incorporated in 1831. At present, the majority of NYU’s buildings sit within a 229 acre area. The university has eight-libraries containing 4.5 million-volumes. NYU is a leader in research, and attracts top-class researchers in many disciplines.

Artists, intellectuals, and cultural pioneers have historically flocked to Greenwich Village and Washington Square. Included among them are the artists Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Edward Hopper, and Thomas Hart Benton. Beat poetry thrived in the area in the 1960s, with poets such as Allen Ginsberg making it their home.

A walk around NYU’s central campus today reveals that the neighborhood’s cultural flair has not been lost.

Famous NYU Alumni

Alumni of NYU have made important contributions as executives in such companies as MetLife, Paramount Pictures, Millennium Funds, Barons.com, and MTV Networks. Actors and other leaders in the entertainment industry have also attended NYU. Which twins who had been attending NYU recently attracted a good deal of attention? (Of course, the answer is the Olsen twins).

The heart of NYU is its Greenwich Village Washington Square campus. On this campus you will see the unmistakeable Washington Square Arch.

NYU also occupies another square in Manhattan, Union Square. This part of the campus is a short distance from the Washington Square campus. On the Union Square campus, you will find a number of residence halls.

Well-known NYU performing arts venues include the Tisch School of the Arts, Kimmell Center, and Skirball Center for Performing Arts.
These venues also often play host to events with high-profile speakers, recently including John Kerry.

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